Dress Code

Dress Code



The St. Landry Parish School Board believes that a mandatory school uniform policy will provide a more secure environment, promote an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and pressures that are associated with different styles and types of clothing that interrupt the educational activities and processes of the school. The dress code policy shall apply to all students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade beginning the first day of school. Sunset Elementary has adopted the following uniform:


Uniform shirt shall consist of plain collared, 2-3 button white or gold polo shirts, either short or long sleeves. The gold shirt may have the school logo imprinted on the left chest over the heart. All shirts must be long enough to remain tucked when seated. A white undershirt with no print or artwork may be worn under the uniform top. The sleeve  cannot be longer than the sleeve length of the uniform top. Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks are not allowed under/over the uniform shirt.


Uniform bottoms (boys and girls) shall consist of classic, traditional straight leg, dark khaki cotton uniform pants, or walking shorts with a finished hem (side slits on hems not allowed).

Uniform bottoms must fit at waist and crotch and be within one (1) size of student’s actual waist/inseam measurement. Pants must be traditional n style (plain or pleated fronts), no baggy or oversized clothes, no pockets on lower legs, etc. Jeans of any color and/or type, and bell-bottoms are not allowed. Brand name emblems on pants may not exceed 1”x2” in size. All pants must have waistband with belt loops. Sagging of pants is not permitted. All pants must have a finished hem. Walking shorts shall not be more than four (4) inches above the knee when kneeling on the floor. Girls may wear dark khaki traditional style uniform jumpers and skirts. Those items must have finished hem and shall not be more than four (4) inches above the knee  when kneeling on the floor. Stone, white or dark brown uniform bottoms are not  allowed. All items of clothing must be worn as intended by design. Skirts worn at

 the 5-12 grade level must be box pleated style. Overalls are not permitted.

NOTE: No tight or revealing clothing worn by any student will be tolerated.


BELTS - A black, brown, or khaki belt must be worn or a plain belt with buckle no larger than 2” x 3”. No studs will be allowed. The entire length of the belt must be worn inside the loops.  Hanging of any part of the belt outside the belt loops is not allowed.


Outer wear- Sweatshirts must have crew neck with no hood, must be waist length with a tight, ribbed elastic bottom, must be plain, solid color in white, navy, black, or heather gray with no emblem, logo, or marking. The gold sweatshirt may have the school logo. The collar of the uniform shirt must be visible when wearing a sweatshirt.

A sweater can be crew neck, v-neck, or cardigan-style (those that button or zip from the bottom) sweaters must have sleeves, waist length, must be plain, solid-colored white, dark navy, or khaki with no emblem, logo, or marking. The gold sweater may have the school logo.


 Lightweight Jacket/Windbreaker (with or without hood) Coat:

 All outer wear except for sweatshirts, must zip, button, or snap from top to bottom and must not be longer than upper mid-thigh. Outerwear must be plain, solid colored in black, white, khaki, heather gray, or dark navy with no emblem, logo, or marking; however, jackets in the   optional school color with school logo and school-issued jackets are permitted. Students may wear outer garments outside only when it is cold and these garments are not to be tied around the waist or draped around the neck. During the spring semester, as the weather  warms, students will not be allowed to wear heavy jackets or hoodies. Administration will announce, as per weather conditions, when these items shall be not allowed. Students will  still be allowed to wear light sweaters/windbreakers in the classrooms.


NOTE:  No leather, synthetic leather, corduroy or suede will be allowed, unless school issued.


Footwear- White or black tennis shoes without decoration, black or brown shoes. Shoes are to belaced or buckled at all times. Sandals, clogs, flip-flops, slippers, or other similar types of shoes are not allowed.


Socks must be worn at all times. Socks must be solid white, black, brown or gold with no emblem or logo. All socks must cover the ankle and be visible above the shoe.


Earrings are allowed for girls. Medium to large earrings are not allowed. Distracting hairstyles,  sunglasses, nose/tongue rings, caps/hats and tattoos are not allowed. Boys are to be clean-shaven. After the first warning a parent will be called to pick up the student immediately. The student may return to school after he has shaved. Hair should be above the eyebrow, hair styles are to be neat and not distracting.


Backpacks-must be clear vinyl or see-through mesh. No other backpacks will be considered  acceptable. Backpacks are not to leave the classroom at recess.